Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Dinner & Dance

After all this time of having a blog, I've decided to actually use it and learn how as well! So we're starting with our fun filled evening we had last night. First off... HaPpY vAlEnTiNeS dAy! Last night we were able to attend a ward Valentines dinner and dance! It was not only a good time but also a very inexpensive way to spend for a Valentines date. I was able to purchase hot pink flats to wear! I love them!!! And they certainly added spunk to my outfit. Jake and Ashley came along with us, luckily or really I don't think Brian and I would have had any one to sit with....sad I know :( But it really was fun. We at a yummy dinner followed by a hour or so of dancing our shoes off! It was sad also in a way because they played ALOT of slow songs when all four of us were ready to dance like it was 1999. :) None the less I had a fantastic night!


  1. you need to add me :),and

    It's been forever becks!!

  2. Yay for blogs! The other ward in our building had signs up for a Valentine's Dance, I was tempted to go anyway :) Glad you guys had fun!

  3. What a night! I will never forget being outshined by people in wheelchairs and ballroom dancers! :-) Thanks again for the invite, we had a great time...even though Brian looks like he's going bald in the photo. haha