Monday, February 22, 2010

TNT Fight, Fight....

Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents!!! The first date my Dad took my Mom on was a night of hockey. So for Valentines Day and their upcoming 30th anniversary, my parents took all of us older kids to a Grizzlies Hockey game up in Salt Lake.

It was a tremendous amount of fun, especially the three GREAT fights we saw. The fights are what makes hockey games fun. Plus my Dad had them post a Happy Anniversary sign for my Mom. Who of course wasn't there at the time they did it, she was out buying some food! Nice... :)

Afterwards they then took us to eat out at Iggys. It was a very eventful fun evening and I thank my parents for taking us out! Love you guys and Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!


Coach Watterson AKA B-Watt

Brian had the opportunity this year to be a JV girls coach and also assistant Varsity coach for girls at Orem High School. It has been alot of fun and very tiring...well more on my part! He is gone alot but I am able to support him by attending his games. The Varsity team is on their way to state.... if they can win tomorrow night against Springville. They are a very good team, but nothing our team hopefully can't handle. I really, really enjoy watching Brian coach. It is a passion of his and he does it well. I hope our future allows him to continue this passion and that he can place the teams he coaches as State Champs!

The last activity for Valentines Day

Fisnishing off Valentines Day!
We decided to make some yummy sugar cookies to finish off our Valentines Celebration. Trey really enjoyed the frosting... I'm surprised he didn't get sick from eating soo much! But he helped Brian decorate a few cookies. It was adorable and so much fun. By the way, the cookies were delicous! YUM!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Dinner & Dance

After all this time of having a blog, I've decided to actually use it and learn how as well! So we're starting with our fun filled evening we had last night. First off... HaPpY vAlEnTiNeS dAy! Last night we were able to attend a ward Valentines dinner and dance! It was not only a good time but also a very inexpensive way to spend for a Valentines date. I was able to purchase hot pink flats to wear! I love them!!! And they certainly added spunk to my outfit. Jake and Ashley came along with us, luckily or really I don't think Brian and I would have had any one to sit with....sad I know :( But it really was fun. We at a yummy dinner followed by a hour or so of dancing our shoes off! It was sad also in a way because they played ALOT of slow songs when all four of us were ready to dance like it was 1999. :) None the less I had a fantastic night!